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The Countdown Issue - Tiny wings and a dream [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tiny Wings

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The Countdown Issue [Dec. 15th, 2009|10:05 pm]
Tiny Wings
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5 days until I can see Rob. Then he will be mine for a whole two weeks. I resent needing to share him with family and friends but it is Christmas and I am told sharing is in the spirit of the holiday. I have decided that once his school year is over, he is moving back here and we are Not Doing Long Distance Again.

10 days until Christmas. AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I have bought some presents. I wonder if the people I have not bought/made presents for yet mind getting, um, air for Christmas?

15 days to New Year's Eve. I suppose I should think of resolutions. The year has just been so full, it's hard to believe everything really happened in the course of only one year. The wedding, the trip to Prague, moving back to Ottawa, going back to school, each with their own micro-dramas... I would like time to slow down a bit because when I think how fast it goes, it invariably brings out my irrational fear of death. Yet time only seems to go slowly when you are bored, and I like being entertained. Hm, that almost sounded philosophical. Anyway, I already have a million projects lined up for next year. Some of them terrify me but that's the point, right? I think that is enough fodder for resolutions...